Egg! A new game from the makers of Egg Baby

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The Four Wizards

Once upon a time, there were four wizards who created a planet with care and love. Each was very different from the rest. Wortimer, the Wise. Javelin, Ever-Changing. Borlog, the Destroyer. And Mr. Peeg, who tries very hard. Together, they held the world in harmony. Until one day… it all fell apart. With the planet in pieces, one wizard cast a spell sealing every creature in a magic shell. Three wizards departed leaving only one behind.

Now, he watches over these Eggs…

…Waiting for love to return to their world.

Join us in the Eggverse

Download Egg! to find a dreamy landscape filled with excitable Eggs that hatch into collectible creatures. Share an Egg with a friend or keep it for yourself.

There’s no wrong way to Egg!